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Ottawa SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Definition: Search Engine Optimization or SEO. See the Wikipedia for the full definition. In short, it is the science in which will allow your website to appear on the top pages of search engines for specific keywords. For additional information on our Ottawa SEO services, please visit

You don't need to be a marketing specialist to realize that your website serves no purpose unless people can find it. Advertising on other websites is one important way of gathering traffic, but it can get expensive, depending on the website. The most important aspect of Google is that the traffic generated by the search engine is directly interested in your services or products, thus the hit quality is much greater.

Our SEO services vary according to your budget. We can modify your existing website, or create one for you.

Be careful of those telemarketers guaranteeing you first page results on Google. Some may use the Google Adwords campaign for your keywords which will show up in Google, BUT only as a sponsored link. They don't explain the difference between organic natural SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and the Adsense program, which is very misleading to most people that don't know Search Engine Optimization.

If you need more information on this technique, please email us and we'll explain it to you. If Google Adwords is something you'd like to explore, we can setup a campaign for you, with your specific keywords and budget in mind.

First page Google results are GUARANTEED for your specific keywords, ask us for details.

One important criteria to get in search engines is inbound links. Getting links to your website from another can be very hard to get. One thing you can do to boost your SEO is to submit to various Internet Directories. A lot of them are free but some of those will give out your email information to SPAM agencies and you can expect a great deal of unwanted emails afterwards. One free Internet directory in particular that won't distribute your email address, and dedicated to the Ottawa business community is called It's owned and operated from Ottawa, your email is kept secret and will not be sent to other email collecting agencies. It's also specific to the Ottawa area so you get better linking power for the keyword "Ottawa".

Another similar directory dedicated to the Ottawa wedding industry is called For Ottawa computer and IT related businesses, the is another solution for quality advertisement and linking power.

For law services in the Ottawa area, please visit the Ottawa lawyer directory.

Other similar directories for specific services:

Ottawa SEO - Search Engine Optimization

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