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Vinyl Decal Catalog

Ottawa Custom Signs / Magnetic Signs

Use your vehicle to advertise your website. Make it different and it will attract even more attention.

We can make your lettering or logo stand out. Several different layers of coloured vinyl will make it look unique. Choose from a variety of specialty vinyl, like metallic, chrome, reflective, shade-shifters, fluorescent etc.

Vinyl goes on the exterior of your vehicle. Preferably on a window because it can be easily removed at any time. You can also stick it on a body panel, but if it stays there for a long period of time, the paint around it will fade with the sun, and when you peel the sticker, the paint behind will not have faded, thus leaving a ghosting effect. This will not happen on glass.

If you absolutely want to display the vinyl on your vehicle body panels, we can install the vinyl on magnetic signs that can be removed from the vehicle (similar to fridge magnet advertisements). Reflective vinyl can also be used as a background to make it stand out even more. Custom magnetic signs can also be used for arena change room door signage as well. See below for example. Vinyl used: Thick magnetic white vinyl, black, yellow, caramel and red.

Ottawa Magnetic Signs

The vinyl we use is specifically made for interior AND exterior use. It is durable, weatherproof and has an exterior life span of about 4 - 10 years (depending on the vinyl grade).

We can also do any other kind of designs, like sport logos, and clip-arts. For a list of currently available decal designs, see our Decal Catalog.

Although our vinyl designs are normally designed for cars and trucks, they can also be used for personal decoration, like walls and laptops (see below for laptop design).

Vinyl removal is also a service offered.

See vinyl decal examples below: logo on car windshield. Vinyl used: White, black and red 911 reflective.

Custom vinyl Design Ottawa

Laptop design. Vinyl used: black, white, yellow, light blue and dark blue.

Vinyl laptop design

SAAB emblem to replace OEM (not installed yet). Vinyl used: Black, white, blue, yellow, red, gold and clear. Click on the right thumbnail to see other options available. You choose the style, colour and size you want.

Vinyl Ottawa SAAB custom emblem   SAAB Emblems

Custom logo done on motorcycle windshield. Vinyl used: White, chrome, black, ultra metallic blue and ultra metallic red.

Ottawa custom logo design in vinyl

Logo, phone number and domain name on the side (and rear) of van. Vinyl used: Black and reflective blue.

Ottawa Vinyl lettering and logo

Ottawa GeeGees Logo on the side fender and hood of car. Vinyl used: Black and white.

Ottawa GeeGees Logo Sticker

Evo style front bumper on Mitsubishi Lancer. Vinyl used: Matt black.

Mitsubishi Evo style front bumper vinyl

Stella Artois Beer Logo. Vinyl used: Black, brushed gold, red and white.

Ottawa GeeGees Logo Sticker

SpongeBob Square Pants logo. Vinyl used: Dark Navy Blue, light blue, white and yellow.

SpongeBob Square Pants Sticker Logo

CouterFit Rock band logo on drum skin. Vinyl used: White and red.

CounterFit Rock Band Sticker

Vehicle signage, 65" wide. Vinyl used: Black and white.

Vinyl Vehicle Signage

Vinyl domain name on pontoon, 120" wide. Vinyl used: Black.

Boat Vinyl Lettering

Custom logo on motorcycle front fender. Vinyl used: Black, white, gold, chrome.

Vinyl design Ottawa

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