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We are a small business, growing our skills and services for several years from way back when the Internet wasn't even available to the public. Most of the marketing back then was in print. That's where we started, as graphic designers, even making our vinyl designs cut by hand. When the Internet came along, we merged our knowledge of graphic design and computer programming (both college diplomas) to create websites. Even if technology has changed, the basics are still the same, although we now use a plotter to cut our vinyl.

We are local to Ottawa and can meet with you to discuss the projects you have in mind, or to remenisce about the good ol' days, or even to discuss cars and motorcycles, or all of the above. We often attend local car shows, if you notice the license plate, come say hi.

Tous nos services sont aussi offert en Français pour la région d'Ottawa et de Gatineau.

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Nous parlons aussi le Français.
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